My Last Blog!

So as I approach the end of my apprenticeship at 20Twenty Productions, I cannot believe that it is almost over. I thought I would do a final blog and just talk about what I have achieved, my amazing experiences and how grateful I am to have been a member of the 20Twenty staff. So if you like soppy stories, then you are reading the blog for you.

Some of my best achievements through 20Twenty was my projects and events that I planned, organised and managed. The first event I ever got to plan for 20Twenty was the 2017 Winter Wonderland. It was called ‘Around the World in One Night’. The workshops were country themed and each stall had a different activity for the children to take part in. I remember being very nervous about this event because it was the first project that I planned and managed. Of course there was a couple of times in which I look back on and think I should have done this, but I enjoyed every second of it and this was only the start of the many more projects that I got to manage.

I also got to not only direct the 2018 Easter Workshop, but I also wrote the script. I was so so excited about seeing my script come to life on stage and performed by the children attending the workshop. The show was called ‘Holiday Hero’s’ and it was a show based on the the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and many others coming together and saving Easter. This is probably one of my favourite projects because it was my script, my directing, my song choice and I was proud of what was accomplished by ,not only myself, but the children as well. 

Many other projects and events passed until I got to plan my biggest event on the 24th February called ‘Express Yourself’. I was given a budget by Clarion Futures in which I pitched an idea. The idea was that children should have an opportunity to discover new interests and encourage them to express themselves through creativity. This idea was approved and I got to planning ‘Express Yourself’. The children not only got to participate in 3 different stalls which included art, sports, music, decorating food, gaming, crafting and many more, but the children also received a free lunch and several refreshments through out the day. The event was completely free so that children wouldn’t have to worry about not coming due to the workshop being unaffordable. The children also received goodybags at the end of their experience and I saw a lot of smiles at the end of the day which made me very happy and please with myself. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to manage and plan this event and I know for certain that project planning, managing or directing is the kind of work I wish to continue on doing further into my future.

There is so much that I have done since I have joined the 20Twenty team so I promise I will try and make this as short as possible but just in case, I would suggest getting comfortable! Due to 20Twenty, I also got involved with Clarions Futures in which I became a National Ambassador. This was a great experience and I am grateful for the opportunities and skills I gathered throughout the programme. Not only did I meet some amazing, passionate young adults that also wanted to make a difference, but I traveled and got to take part in a lot of meetings and training that improved my confidence a lot. One of my favourite memories of being a National Ambassador was when all the ambassadors travelled to London and participated in Go Ape. This was so much fun and I really feel like I have made some great friendships throughout this experience and I am very grateful. 

I got to take part in an NAYT weekend which is a weekend for directors of youth theatres to attend and participate in activities that will improve their knowledge on certain topics that they can then take back and apply to their own youth theatre. I was scared, nervous, uncertain, worried and so much more. This is because I’m not a director! I was a youth theatre volunteer and student, so although I was honoured to get to go with three of our youth theatre directors, I didn’t really understand why I was invited to go? I got so much confidence and ideas from this experience and I realised that my input was just as important as the other directors attending. It was a great experience and I wish I could go back and do it all again.

There are so many other experiences that I could talk about like the BAC beatbox academy workshops and may other events and workshops but ,like I said, I will try and keep this short. So to summarise. I got so many amazing opportunities at 20Twenty that I will never forget and I am forever grateful for. My confidence has increased so much in the sense that I can do presentations and public speaking ,which I could never do before. Most importantly, 20Twenty has helped me grow confidence in my self and made me realise that asking for guidance and help is not a weakness. I was so worried about trying new things with the potential of failing, such as acting or sharing my original music. Now I perform my own songs at gigs and I am a member of the Boundless Youth Theatre where I am currently playing characters for our upcoming shows. It’s just amazing how much this whole experience has made me a better version of myself and I am just so grateful.

I would just like to briefly talk abut how amazing the 20Twenty team is. It’s like a big family that work together and support each other no matter what. I’m going to start with the women who let me join the 20 Twenty team. Katherine is the most spontaneous person I have ever met and she has twice as much enthusiasm and energy than I will ever have. It’s like she’s always on coffee and on 100 percent all day, everyday. I’m so grateful to Katherine for letting me join the team and for her to keep giving me so many opportunities. Katherine always had faith in me even when I didn’t have faith in myself. She supported me not only from a managers perspective but on a friendship level as well and I can not find strong enough words to express how grateful I am for her kindness and belief in me. All I can say is thank you and thank you for continuing to give me more opportunities by hiring as a part time 20Twenty staff member (although I know you’re secretly sad about losing your best apprentice). Thank you Katherine 

Geri is my line manager and I could not ask for a more understanding and kind hearted line manager. She kept me in line and focused when I needed to be while encouraging me to always look on the positive side on tasks that I enjoyed less ( which was college work). If I ever had a problem she was all ears and helped me in every possible way she could. I will miss sharing an office with you and our biscuit tin! Thank you Geri.

Tim. Although me and Tim have our different opinions on things such as whether the film ‘La La Land’ was actually good or not, he always kept the office a jolly atmosphere to work in! I appreciated his and support when I started going into Addenbrookes once a week to sing and write songs with the children at the hospital. Not only did he support me but he ensured that I was always comfortable and had a lot of faith in my ability to work at Addenbrookes. Even on projects that I was less experienced in such as our Bits and Bytes project involving Lego, he recognised my strengths not my weaknesses which I am very grateful for. Thank you Tim

Marian. Marian is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet. Not only is she an amazing artist but I learnt more about recycling than I ever knew before. Did you know that paper towels can’t be recycled because they have already been recycled so many times that its on its last use as a paper towel? No neither did I! So thank you Marian for sharing your amazing knowledge with me that will help me so much in my future. Thank you Marian

Benjamin. Benjamin is a tech wizard that has helped me endless times when it came to photoshop or … well anything digital based. He was very supportive especially when it came to helping at my events and he also did the jobs I asked him to do and more. He always went beyond great and I especially appreciate his help at my ‘Express Yourself’ event. Ben also lets me know when I have done good even if I’m being a negative Nancy, he always helps me recognise what I have achieved. Don’t worry Ben, our car journeys to Addenbrookes have not come to an end just yet, so you can look forward to my constant chatting in the car every Monday. 

Kylan. Kylan is one of the most determined and strong minded people I have ever met. When he is passionate about something, he is then determined for it to be achieved. He constantly comes up with new ideas and is very passionate about whatever he does. I appreciate Kyan being so kind to me when I first joined 20Twenty, especially the Youth Theatre, and helping me fit in nicely at Boundless. Thank you Kylan

Max. Maximus is the funniest person I have ever met. He can make anybody and everybody laugh, even when he doesn’t mean to be funny. Max gives everything 100 percent. No matter what it is, he will try his hardest on everything. I appreciate Max always making me laugh and being a good friend and I know he will go so far. Thank you Max

Jamie. Jamie is a more recent addition to the 20Twenty team and what a funny funny dude. Jamie is a good friend inside and outside of 20Twenty and he is full of great ideas and always gives every task and action 100 percent. He is very supportive of others and I know he will be the best teacher in the world. I hope that my kids will get to be taught by someone as patient and friendly as Jamie. I am very grateful for Jamie letting me be his friend, whether he liked it or not, and people should come watch ‘The Greatest Show’ at the Braza in July, just to watch Jamie’s performance as Miss Trunchball from Matilda. Thank You Jamie. 

Gordon. G has been a great friend to me and a better worker. His filming and editing abilities amaze me because I can barely figure out how to save my work properly. His energy is amazing and he’s always looking out for other people. Whenever I came across a problem and would get so stressed about it, Gordon would support me and motivate me by letting me know that I could do it. I really appreciate Gordon being so supportive and helping me with so much while still being a good friend for almost 2 years. Thank you g

Last but not least, the part timer, Eden. I met Eden through 20Twenty and we have created a great friendship over the past year and a half. She is an amazing leader and I expect great things from her. I appreciate her support and just overall kindness. If i needed assistance or was worried about something at work, she would reassure me and help me anyway she could. I know our friendship started through my apprenticeship, but it will not end with it, as I have made a great friend. Thank you Eden

Well that’s the team and each and every one of them have been so amazing and I look forward to working with them for a longer but as a part timer! I am so grateful for all my experience and life lessons that I have developed because of 20Twenty Productions and I especially appreciate the memories that I will hold forever.

Thank You!!!  


What An Adventure!

So I was sent away for the weekend to London! Yes thats right! I got to travel to London to meet some of the most amazing, inspiring and friendly young adults I have ever met. Recently I have become a National Ambassador for Clarions Futures in which I work alongside Clarions staff members and the other ambassadors to try and make positive changes within the community.

So on Thursday the 10th I travelled down to London ON MY OWN to meet the other ambassadors and clarions staff. I have never really traveled by myself before so this was a great experience as I would normally never travel alone due to being to frightened or afraid I may get lost. However I was determined to face this fear and I had no problem at all getting to London where I met with everyone else. On the first day we got to introduce ourselves and get to know each other. I instantly knew that this group of young people were amazing. All of us had different ideas and different personalities but all got on so well. Also, on this day we did our first presentations in front of a group of people involved in Clarions in which we introduced ourselves and briefly spoke about why we wanted to be national ambassadors. That evening we stayed in London and this gave all of us new national ambassadors the opportunity to chat and really get to know each other.

On Friday we were in meetings after meetings in which we learnt new things about what Clarions do and how we would be involved in it all. It was so interesting to listen to the different areas Clarions address and I learnt so much. After the meetings we got to do a scavenger hunt. We were given a number of activities to do and complete within the hour. The teams were boys verses girls and OF COURSE  us girls won. After all the meetings and running around London we then got to have a 1 and 1 discussion with a Clarions member of staff in which we discussed goals that I personally wished to achieve. We discussed my desire for there to be more creative opportunities for young people to express and find themselves and how we could make this a possibility. After this, not only did we all watch a short movie together and take part in some team games, we all went out to dinner together. The dinner allowed some real bonding time in which we told stories and things about ourselves. It was so interesting to me to learn about these people and we all became really close.

We then stayed in the hotel for one last night and got up bright and early to head to the adventure activity location called Go Ape. This day was great because we all helped each other through the courses and if someone was struggling, one of us was always there to motivate each other.There were some challenging parts, but we all supported one another. It really showed how much of a great team we were and although I just met them all, I’m so grateful to be apart of the team and have created some strong friendships.

I come back from London exhausted but pleased and decide to go to the songwriters event at the March Town Hall in which I not only performed my own original music but got to work with other musicians to create a song. We only had about half hour to create these short songs but I feel that our group worked really well together to create our song called Retro.

Now I’m back in the office and although I am more than happy to be back and working on new things and projects, I do miss being in London with the others as it was just such an unforgettable experience and I am unbelievably grateful to be given the opportunity to be apart of it all. I look forward to all the adventures we have to come and all the grand changes we hope to make.


Music Manic

So this week has just been one of my favourite weeks at 20Twenty so far. It has been so eventful and I have met some amazing people. So lets start from the very beginning of the week. On Monday we had rehearsals for the children that have committed to the Original Music Project. The rehearsals went really well and everyone was extremely focussed.

Then on Tuesday myself, Katherine and some volunteers traveled to LONDON to be part of an amazing workshop hosted by BAC Beatbox Academy. I was a little nervous about joining in at the workshop as the workshop was primarily for beatboxing and rapping, which I can not to. However, every single one of the people at the workshop were so friendly and insisted that I got involved and I got to sing in a way that I have never done before. The experience was truly fantastic and I hope to work with them again in the future.

The excitement doesn’t stop there, I then was given the opportunity to stay in London and meet some of the most motivated and passionate young adults in regards to changes we want within our community. This experience was also like no other and we all learnt a lot off each other.

Thursday I was back in the office, but it was no normal office working day, but then again it never is. The children from the original music project came in to record their three stunning songs that they had created. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and we will be continuing with the recordings today so that the songs are done and ready.

So that is just a quick look into what my week has been like at work and I can 100 percent say with complete certainty that I have worked with some of the most inspiring and talented people I have ever come across and I am so grateful for all the experiences I have been apart of this week. So with this week over, I prepare myself for net week in which I will be hosting the Easter Workshop this year and I am super excited for it. I will let you know how it goes!

The Journey Continues…

I have been working for 20Twenty for about 7 months now and everyday is more amazing than the next. I love my job because you can never predict what is going to be happening within the day. Weather I’m going to be in the office updating data or being sent to London, I look forward to everyday just the same. Looking back on these 7 months have been amazing and I thought I would just share with you some images of my journey with 20Twenty so far. I look forward to the rest of my journey and all the other unpredictable days to come. I have met some truly remarkable and talented people at 20Twenty and made some great friends. I am constantly learning something new everyday.

Starting my apprenticeship was super nerve-racking for me and I remember being super scared at first but I had a lot of support from the 20Twenty team and I jumped straight into it. Before I knew it I was planning my first project ‘The Winter Wonderland’ and doing things way out of my comfort zone.

Before 20Twenty I didn’t particularly like acting in front of others. I used to do acting at school however my acting was not as good as my singing and dancing abilities which would make me move further away from acting. However, 20Twenty has made me love acting again, I still have a long way to go before I reach the standards I want my acting to be but I don’t feel embarrassed anymore when I am acting. I remember my first couple of weeks at work and I had offered to step into doing a show for Black History Month due to someone not being able to do the performance. With little time to learn lines and learn the blockings for the whole show, I remembered feeling never scared and I felt slightly pressured because I didn’t want to let anyone down. This is because everyone else performing in the show were amazing young actors that had worked together for a long time to create this show. However, everyone was so supportive and appreciative that I wanted to step in and help. That friendly and warm welcoming motivated me to want to act more and I am now part of the Boundless Youth Theatre where I have met some amazing and passionate young people that have made my experience at 20Twenty so amazing and I appreciate every single one of them for happily welcoming me to the team . I have hundreds more amazing memories from these past 7 months but I feel that I have gone on for long enough. So here are some images of just a few moments of my fantastic journey and I am proud to be one of the lucky people that wake up everyone morning excited to go to work!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 14.56.57.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-20 at 14.55.57.png28755149_10155516160673251_2008517572_o.jpgScreen Shot 2018-03-20 at 14.58.31.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-20 at 14.59.38.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.00.52.png

Happy Valentines Day!

This half term week has already been filled with rehearsals, acting, dancing, singing, crafting and the week has barely began. On Monday we had an all day rehearsal with our All Stars Youth Theatre, rehearsing for the Pride Rock Show. They received Act 2 of the Pride Rock script and excitedly got straight into it.

IMG_1347 2.jpg

If that wasn’t enough, Tuesday we had a full day of rehearsing with our Boundless Youth Theatre for the High School Musical Show. I am happy to say that I have joined boundless and therefore have a part in the High School Musical performance. Yesterday’s rehearsal was very effective and so many laughs were shared between the group.

Now it is Wednesday and also Valentines day! Whereas as most people will be celebrating love, the connections youth theatre group will be rehearsing hard for the first performance of their show ‘When They Go Low’ on the 2nd of March. I will be doing the lighting for this show which I am very excited for but also quite nervous as I am normally the one under the lights, not doing the lights. However I am ready to give it my best shot and fingers crossed everything will go great!

Back To The Office!

Christmas is over and I am happy to be back at work. We started the first week back at work with a BANG and I hosted a volunteers party for all the staff members and volunteers that have contributed to 20Twenty throughout 2017 and celebrate everyones dedication to the organisation. The volunteer party was lots of fun, especially when the games began. We played Charades, Pictionary, Act it out and so many other games that had proven to be so much fun for all the volunteers. I’m now looking forward to the youth theatre sessions that are starting up again tomorrow and will keep you updated on my journey at 20twenty throughout 2018!

Christmas is almost here!

My last day at work until Christmas break!! I had a lovely conversation with my boss today and we were talking about my past 2 months working at 20Twenty productions. I had confessed that I have finally reached the stage at work in which I can efficiently and confidently work individually with no problem and no constant requesting of help due to confusion or even the nervousness of doing something wrong. I believe I have completely adapted to my work and I know what to do and how to do something in any situation I am put in.

Although I’m excited for my Christmas break and for me to stuff my face with so much food, I’m slightly upset that I won’t be at work. This is because I do really love my work and 20Twenty productions has become a huge part of my life. I am one of the very few that loves there job and I know I will miss being in the office and especially the youth theatre sessions. However, I am going to use this break to my advantage and come back in January ready to go

Have a Merry Christmas!!